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We have a diverse portfolio of work which covers a number of industries including; Automotive, Travel, Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Construction, Sustainability and more.

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Standard Chartered is a global banking business which mainly operates in the Far East and Middle East.

The business required copy for a number of its email campaigns which aimed to celebrate culturally significant days in the calendar of countries across the Middle and Far East such as; India Independence Day, United Arab Emirates Flag Day, Autism Awareness Day, Mothers Day etc.

Click to view the World Autism Day Email Campaign.


creating blog content for kene partners

Kene Partners is a Research and Development consultancy which operates across; agriculture, printing, digital signage, energy and construction across the UK.

The business required content for its ‘Insights’ section, where in-depth articles needed to be created on a variety of sectors and subjects.

As a result, Checkmate Content provided a wide range of articles with the intent of elevating Kene Partners to the position of ‘thought leader’ within a number of fields.

You can view the ‘Insights’ section by clicking here, or, read one of the latest articles by clicking below.

How To Grow A Business Through Sustainability - Click here to read

Sustainable Projects That Are Shaping The Real Estate Sector - Click here to read

Delivering video for the whocanfixmycar.com garage awards

The WhoCanFixMyCar.com Garage Awards is an annual celebration of the best mechanics in the UK and it is an event attended by some of the biggest names in the Automotive Aftermarket sector, including; Shell, The RAC, Brembo, Euro Car Parts and hundreds of industry professionals.

A key part of the evening included the running of a short film, which would also be used by the business to promote its growth to an online audience and its highlight its position as an industry leader.

Furthermore, interviews needed to be shot at the event itself as well as highlights from the night.

You can view the WhoCanFixMyCar.com Garage Awards film by clicking here.

You can also watch the highlights from the evening itself by clicking here.

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writing informative web copy for the co-op

Co-Op Funeral Care launched its own knowledge centre in 2018, meaning that a plethora of content was required to help inform and educate people, on all of the issues surrounding the loss of a loved one.

A high level of sensitivity was required when creating guides and support advice for people who had lost a family or friend, something which was paramount in the brief from Co-Op.

To view the ‘Help Centre’ and all of the guides created, click here.

Or, to view specific web pages, follow any of the links below.

How to Close a Person's Facebook Account When They Pass Away - Click here to read

How to Write a Eulogy - Click here to read


creating in-depth, long form blog content for lion+Mason

Lion+Mason is a User Experience Agency based in London and York.

The business needed regular blog content to increase its domain authority, organic traffic and position as a thought leader in the eyes of industry professionals and prospective clients.

Checkmate Content delivered articles on a range of subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Technical Debt and Sustainable Business Growth following the brief, all of which you can read on the company blog by clicking here.

Or, to view the latest articles, follow any of the links below.

How Technical Debt Is Holding Back Your Digital Transformation Goals - Click here to read

Using AI To Improve User and Customer Experience - Click here to read


editing moneymagpie.com

MoneyMagpie.com is a personal finance and personal support website operated by media personality, Jasmine Birtles.

The business required a significant amount of support from and SEO standpoint, meaning articles and technical help was contributed over a number of months.

To view MoneyMagpie.com, click here.

Or, to view specific articles, follow the links below.

How to Survive the Winter Blues - Click here to read

Saving Money on Car Maintenance this Winter - Click here to read

Crafting web copy for Vivid Travel

Vivid Travel is a luxury travel agency which caters for travellers looking for a once in a lifetime experience.

The team needed descriptions for a wide range of the experiences sold on their platform, all of which had to be thoroughly researched and fact checked.

To view the Vivid Travel website, click here now.

Or, to view specific sections of copy, click any of the links below.

Torres Del Paine Adventure - Click here to read

Base Torres Viewpoint Trek - Click here to read

Scenic Paine and Fauna Trail - Click here to read



Providing content for the new Digital Dulux Decorator Centre

Dulux required a range of articles to upload to its brand new Online Decorator Centre, where help and advice is provided for professional decorators.

To view the Decorator Centre, simply click here.

Or to view specific articles, follow any of the links below.

How to Avoid the 6 Causes of Business Failure - Click here to read

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Decorating Business? - Click here to read